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Siteground coupon discount 2019[special]:Siteground Discount offer-upto 70% offer

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Siteground Coupon code 2019:Maximum off*70%*Discount is Here
Siteground coupon code for saving 70% on your hosting plan. You will get all the deal, and siteground Discount offer here and we are partnering with Siteground.
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Siteground Coupon Discount 2019: Siteground Discount offer up to 70% Discount 

Are you looking for the siteground coupon code discount to save some money on your hosting plan?

Then you are in the right place. If you so hurry then click the below green button and get up to 70% siteground deal.

Note: Siteground is not offering any custom Coupon code. But you can get the 70% discount on your first purchase by clicking the below green button to sign up for hosting.

Siteground is offering up to 70% discount offer promo for their new customer and you can activate this siteground coupon deal by clicking this link.

And also I will teach How you can start a blog using a siteground coupon discount.

Siteground Coupons

It’s very less than normal price. Because of Its offering this special deal for promotion. Click here to get the Siteground discount for saving 70% of the money.

Siteground coupon codes help you to save 70% offer on all hosting plans. 

Siteground coupon Discount

Below, you can find all the deals details and benefits of siteground’s shared hosting discount code, Reseller hosting, Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting special offers.

Siteground coupon Discount price

SiteGround Coupon
Code& Offers
Regular Price Discount Price
1.70% off on
(Click here to
Get the Deal)
$11.95/mo  $3.95/Mo
2.70% off on
(Click here to
Get the Deal)
$11.95/mo $3.95/Mo
(Click here to
Get the Deal)
$80/Yr $80/Yr
(Click here to
Get the Deal)
$42/yr $42/yr

They are offering the best services than other web hosting providers. So, that I am telling they are the best hosting provider in the world. Below is the dashboard of my siteground. Once you become the customer of siteground then you can access this dashboard.
So you can directly activate by click here to sign up with siteground. I am personally using the siteground web hosting in this blog.

My Dashboard of siteground

Note: This discount offer is only valid for the first purchase on siteground. So, next payment then you have to pay the normal price. So, I recommend you to go for a 2 or 3-year plan instead of one year for saving your money.

Click here to get the discount

About Siteground

Siteground Coupon 2018

Siteground is officially recommended by Siteground is the number one shared hosting provider in terms of quality support, Website loading speed and Reliability.

They are famous for their advanced technology, innovative features, and reliable performance.

Siteground was founded in 2004 and now it’s hosting more than one million domains with happy customers.  It’s having four data centers around the world.

Click here to get the discount offer

Reason to choose siteground:

1. Latest speed Technologies for Faster loading speed

SIteground is famous for its faster loading speed. Many of the customers like you are using this because of the faster loading speed technology of siteground.

Like it told earlier, I am also using siteground web hosting and I am happy with the loading speed of siteground.

Below you can see the speed test screenshot of my website which is hosted on siteground.

Speed test

1.Siteground speed test on Gtmetrix

Siteground speed test (1Sec)

Above screenshot is shows you how much speed you can achieve by siteground web hosting.

I used my website URL on Gtmetrix and its load faster. Minimum 3-second loading speed is good. But its better than the expected loading speed. So, speed is your first preference then start using siteground for your website.

2.Siteground Speed test on Pingdom tool

I checked the speed on another speed test on the Pingdom tool. Here also its load much faster than the required speed of 3 seconds.

Usually, 3-second loading speed is good for website SEO and retain the online visitor.

Siteground speed test

Let’s see the speed technology behind the speed of siteground. These are the technology is used by siteground on their web hosting servers.

(a) NGINX Server:

Siteground is using NGINX technology to increase the website loading speed.

This NGINX server increases the speed of static contents like images, texts, and videos on your web pages. So, every time the user is coming to your site, it will give good user experience through faster loading.

(b) SSD Drive instead of the old HDD:

SSD drives are faster in data storages. So, obliviously it will increase your website speed dramatically.

Compare to traditional HDD drives, it increases the speed of files and Databases. It can enhance the speed to 1000x faster than HDD.

 (c) Geeky Super Cache technology:

To remove the cache files for website performance is important. In siteground, they are using Geeky super cache technology to increases the website speed.

So, you don’t need to install any plugin for your WordPress site. The geeky super cache will carry the work for you.

(d) Free Content Delivery Network(CDN):

Siteground is partnered with Cloudflare and providing free CDN for all of its customers. So, this is also another important reason for faster loading speed.

It will optimize your website for faster loading speed. It’s providing 4 data center options like United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

Siteground Coupons

2. Great Customer Support:

Siteground customer support is excellent and I always like their faster response. You can reach them through phone calls, Emails, and Live Chat. Live chat is recommended and easy for conversation.

Customer support is always an important thing to consider while choosing the hosting provider. Because, For your technical issues, you need them to support.

And in siteground, there are no issues with the server issues. In my experience, it’s always up and running.

But you need them to increase the loading speed of the website or changing the settings. Siteground customer support is the best in the web hosting industry.

Everyone is looking for the faster response and that you will get with siteground customer cost.

My Experience with Siteground Customer care

Siteground customer support is very responsive to me. And excellent customer support team in the Hosting industry. This is the main reason why siteground is liked by everyone including me.

Siteground is having 200+ customer support agent. who all are taking care of their customer’s technical problem. They are processing 2000+ chat request, 1500+ tickets and 1000+ calls per day from their customer.

That being said, Siteground is giving a lot of attention and care in serving their customer by Quality customer support.

In my case, I use to contact customer support for connecting my new domains to the hosting account.

I never faced any excessive downtime issues with siteground. So, I never contacted them regarding that.

Most of the time when I am reaching out to their customer support I get a faster response from my end. Below screenshot reveals that the faster response of siteground customer support.

Siteground coupon: Ticket 2

If you want faster response customer support then siteground is for you.

Click here to get the discount

3. Siteground pricing & Affordable plans:

Cost effective hosting packages are everyone is lookings for especially if you are starting new then it’s important to go for Affordable. Siteground’s hosting plans are starting from as low as 3.95$ per month.

Siteground is offering affordable hosting plans. You can use this 70% offer to save your money by clicking the below link.

Click here to get the siteground discount

4. Reliability and 99.996 % Uptime Guarantee

In siteground, there is no downtime issue. Still my blog, uptime is 100% from the day, I have become the siteground customer. You don’t need to panic about the downtime risk.

Siteground is using Linux containers (LXC) technology which is preventing server issues. So, you will get up and running servers for your website.

Below screenshot will show you the uptime of my account on siteground. That is measured by my siteground uptime measuring system.

siteground Coupon code: uptime 3

I used the uptime monitor system for measuring my website downtime. Below screenshot shows you the uptime monitor of my website.

siteground review: uptime 2

Below screenshot is my account and website ideasinsider’s uptime. This is the actual uptime of siteground which is so good in the web hosting industry.


siteground Coupon: uptime 1

If you are looking for Good reliable web hosting for your website then siteground should be your first choice.

Click here to get the siteground discount

5. Free SSL and HTTPS:

siteground coupon: Free SSL

SSL Certificate is providing security to your site audience and it’s protecting the visitor’s data.  And it has some SEO advantages to your website.

It gives you ahead in Google ranking. Siteground is offering let’s encrypt for installing HTTPS. So, that it’s easy to get SSL for your Blog.

Click here to get the siteground discount

6. Free Daily Backups

siteground Coupon: Free back up

Siteground is offering free data backup. So you don’t need to worry about losing data. It’s offering daily, weekly and monthly backup for your website.

While their competitors like Bluehost, HostGator is cost you extra charges for backup. But siteground is offering for free.

Click here to get the siteground discount

7. Free Website Migration:

siteground-free-migration- Ideasinsider

Siteground is helping you to move your website from an existing hosting provider. You don’t need to do anything.

You have to contact siteground support for website migration. And rest will do by the siteground support team.

Note: Free migration is only for Grow big and Go geek plan.  Except for the startup plan package.

Click here to get the siteground

8.Customer Review (Facebook Poll and Twitter Reaction)

There are many Siteground reviews are there about are there online. Most of the reviews are from their customers and it will prove the siteground reputation.

These are the tweets from siteground customers by using siteground hosting service. I have included some of the siteground users twitter reactions below:-

Siteground Coupon: Twitter 7

And few more tweets of siteground users and customers.

Siteground Coupon: Twitter 5

Facebook Poll Results:

Many facebook group members suggest siteground as the best hosting option for the website. Below a screenshot of the Facebook poll reveals that.

Siteground Coupon: Fb poll result

Check the poll result from this link.

Another Facebook Poll:-

Siteground Coupon: Shared-Hosting-Poll-2

Check the poll results from here.

Above social proof is helps you know about the worth of siteground.

Click here to get this reputed company discount

Some more Benefits of Siteground Hosting

Siteground is offering very faster loading speed by its super cache technology. WP-CLI feature for developing the site.

SSD storage technology is better than old HDD technology. Siteground is providing the Free daily Backup plan for all of its customers.

They are offering unlimited emails and DB’S. siteground is having http/2 enabled server.

Siteground is providing 99.99% uptime for your healthily up and running. Siteground support service is an excellent one. You can contact them through the phone call, Live chat, and ticket support.

They are providing Free  Let’s encrypt SSL certificate.  Siteground is providing a unique security solution and own firewall rules.

Click here to get the discount offer of siteground

Siteground plans and their different services

Shared  hosting on Siteground

Siteground shared hosting having three different plans based on your website visitors. Like I told before, there is no need to activate coupon code and you can get the discount offer by the offer link.

siteground-coupon-Shared Hosting Plans

1. Siteground Startup Discount

This plan is recommended for 10000 visitors per month website. You can host only one website on this plan. In the startup plan, you will get  10GB web space.

      1. You will get a free website builder
      2. They are providing Free SSL certificate
      3. Free Cloudflare CDN
      4. Unlimited Mysql and unlimited emails

Click here to get upto 70% discount offer of siteground Startup plan

2. Siteground Grow big discount

This is the recommended plan. Because you can able to host your all websites on one hosting account. This is suitable for 25000 visitors a month website.

You will get 20 GB of web space in this plan and multiple domains can be hosted.

Some of the extra features like,

      1. Super catcher for great speed
      2. You will get a free website builder
      3. They are providing Free SSL certificate
      4. Free Cloudflare CDN
      5. Unlimited Mysql
      6. Free site migration
      7. Priority technical support

Click here to get upto 70% discount offer of siteground Grow big plan

3. Siteground Go geek Discount

Siteground go geek plan is suitable for 1 lakh visitors per month website. Here also you can able to host multiple websites.

Some of the extra Features on Go geek plan,

      1. Super catcher for great speed
      2. They are offering Free SSL certificate
      3. PCI compliant servers
      4. One click git repo creation
      5. Fewer accounts on the server

Click here to get upto 70% discount offer of siteground Go geek plan

Siteground other services

Siteground Reseller Hosting

Siteground Reseller Hosting

(Image credit: Inmotion hosting)

Are you looking to start a web hosting business by the Reputed company like siteground?

If yes Then go for reseller plan. Reseller hosting plan is to start your own web hosting company. Here your discount is based on the account you purchase. To read more about Reseller hosting.

You will get all the reseller tools from siteground reseller hosting. White label is available. So that you can use your own brand name without siteground name anywhere.

Siteground is helping you start your business and their great support helps you to achieve the success in your hosting business. Their guidance and good support help you to run your hosting business. You can run your own hosting business without any hustle. You will get all the features of siteground. And also you can manage your customer details by siteground tools.

Siteground Cloud hosting:

Web Hosting

Siteground is offering another service called cloud hosting. It’s suitable for high traffic enterprise sites. Here also four different plans such as,

      1. Entry plan
      2. Business plan
      3. Business plus plan
      4. Superpower plan

Some of the great features from siteground cloud hosting,

      1. Lightweight Linux containers with SSD disk for unmatched resources efficiency for great site speed
      2. WHM & C-panel
      3. Apache/Nginx & centos
      4. Private DNS server setup
      5. Exim mail server
      6. Email spam filtering
      7. Free dedicated Ip

3.Siteground Dedicated hosting

This is service is suitable for High traffic websites.  You can host your website on a dedicated server. Siteground is offering four data centers based on your requirements.

Here also you have three different plans. That is,

      1. Entry plan
      2. Power server
      3. Superpower server

4.Enterprise Hosting

This is the special plan for business who are looking for dedicated servers. These contain security, scalability, availability, performance, and reliability. Its perform better and more secure.

Its have some notable features that are:-

Reliable architecture that allows for more scalability and availability.

Fully managed solution. Means siteground team is taking care of the whole hosting infrastructure.

Enterprise level support for the customers. Generally, siteground is well known for its best support. For enterprise level, they offer extra support and care to their data resources.

Sign Up tutorial and step by step procedure for starting your plan

Step#1 Use the special Offer Link

Below you can find the discount offer link and It will take you to the siteground home page for sign up. I will guide you for hosting your site. Watch the below Video for starting your blog on siteground and use the below link to get upto 70% special discount.

Click here to get the 70% discount offer on siteground shared hosting plans

Step#2 Choosing Your preferred plan

Next, You have to choose your preferred plan based on your requirements like your website visitors and the number of websites.

Based on your visitors and Disk space requirement then choose the appropriate plan.

Choose your prefered plan in Siteground

Step#3 Choose your Domain name or Configure your domain name

If you want to purchase a domain name then go for a new domain name option. I recommend you to buy from Namecheap for saving your money. Here in siteground, you have to pay $15.95 to $17.95 per year.

If you already have a domain name then configure the registered domain name by choosing the second option there.

Read my article on How to choose a Brandable domain name.

Choose your domain name-Siteground

Step #4 Complete your registration:

Next step, You have to provide your personal details and registered your new siteground account. Choose your data center based on your target audience is from which country.

Register your preferred email and your password. Fill out all the address details. Siteground is accepting visa, American express, and master Debit/Credit card only.

Once your payment is done then you can able to host your website at siteground.

siteground complete login procedure

Step 5: Siteground WordPress Installation:

Siteground is offering 1 click WordPress installation feature. You can install by watching the below video.

FAQ’s on siteground service

1)What type of payment does siteground accept?

Siteground accepts visa, American express, and master Debit/Credit card only.

Note: Siteground also accepts Paypal payment option when you contact them directly.

2)Is there any trial period and money back guarantee option?

You can signup for the 1 month Free trial period, the renewal after the first-month trial will be for 1 year and at the initial stage signup price.

3)Can I choose a monthly plan?

You have billing option like Quarterly, Yearly, 24 months and 36 months.

4)Is there a Free domain name registration?

No, siteground is not offering any free domain name registration as of now. You have to pay $15.95 per year for holding your domain name at siteground.

5)Is it free migration is available?

For grow big plan and go geek plan only you will get migration from siteground. But, fo startup plan you have to migrate manually or either pay them to migrate for you.

6)Which is the best plan for me?

Like, I already discussed It’s based on your requirements like a number of the website you are planning to host and a number of visitors on your website.

7. Will my hosting fees increase after One year?

Yes, the promo offer is only applicable to your first invoice. When you are hosting plans renews then your account will be charged at regular price. It’s always recommended to go for 36 months for saving your money.

8. What is siteground premium support?

Site ground is offering the standard 7*24*365 best supporting service. The phone call and live chat replies are instantly you will get the response.

9)which CDN place have to choose?

CDN is the stand for the content delivery network. Based on your target audience country, you have to choose.

If your target audience from Asian countries and getting a maximum of traffic from there then choose Singapore as a CDN. If you are visitors from Us then choose California, Us.

10)What is Hack alert monitoring?

Hack alert monitoring is siteground malware production and an add-on service. It’s monitor your site daily and find malware threats and secure your site from hackers. It will notify you frequently about your website security.

11)Can I get any Siteground renewal coupon?

Siteground is not offering any renewal coupon as of now. But, you can use this Siteground promo code for 70% offer on your new plan.

12)Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the Hosting?

Yes, you can request money back within 30 days of registration. Its offering 30 days money back guarantee. But, I am sure you like their service overall.

13)What is Siteground cheapest Hosting Plan?

Siteground shared hosting plan starts from $3.95 which is the cheapest hosting plan in the siteground package.

If you are a beginner or your newly start your website then this is the right plan for you.

The reason is initially you don’t have so much money to spend and also initial stage you will receive the less traffic to your website. So, this is the best option pocket-friendlily.

Click here to get the 70% discount offer of siteground coupon code

Final thoughts on Siteground Coupon code Discount:

I hope it clears all your doubts. Save your 70% of money by a siteground coupon.

If you have any doubt regarding siteground coupon or service then let me know in the comment section and I will help you.

Click here to get upto 70% discount offer

Siteground Coupons

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Siteground Coupon code 2019:Maximum off*70%*Discount is Here
Siteground coupon code for saving 70% on your hosting plan. You will get all the deal, and siteground Discount offer here and we are partnering with Siteground.
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