Siteground Gogeek review

Siteground Gogeek Review:  Before choosing siteground read this

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Siteground Gogeeek review 2019: Read this before choosing siteground
siteground review: In this article, I am going to discuss both the pros and cons of the siteground. It contains all the technical statistics screenshot.
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Siteground Gogeek Review:  Before choosing siteground read this




Siteground gogeek review

Siteground Review

In this article, I am going to review siteground from my experience. This siteground review is purely based on the experience of hosting my website.

This review not only specifically for Siteground gogeek review, its overall service review of siteground.

Siteground is a non-EIG company and most reputed company in the hosting space.

You can see many good reviews about siteground online. And those siteground reviews are true.

They are actually providing really good services over the years. Below you can see the siteground user review from the social media.

If you’re personally using siteground or want to host with siteground then leave the command below to help other people from your siteground hosting reviews.

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Siteground Gogeek plan Compare to other plans: (Semi-Dedicated hosting)

Siteground Gogeek plan is 4X more server resource than a startup plan. And you will get 10Gb more web space than siteground gogeek plan.

Siteground gogeek plan is 4X faster than a start-up plan. You will get the awesome speed than other plans of siteground shared hosting.

It’s basically semi-dedicated hosting and gives you lot of space and option to host multiple websites in one account.

You will get Free domain and Free domain. Siteground is very much famous for their excellent support and here in this plan, you will get priority support that you will not get in the start-up plan.

Free SSL and PCI compliance to protect the visitors’ data. These are the extra benefits that you will get while choosing the siteground gogeek plan over other plans.

Now let’s see the pros and cons of the siteground hosting service.

Yes, I am using Siteground           

This website and some of my other website also powered by using Siteground hosting. Because I am trusting a lot.

Because of their features and the excellent customer makes you also like them.

I am writing this review based on my experience while hosting my website with them, I am sure, You will definitely like their service.

Below you can see the screenshot of I am using their hosting services for my blog.

Siteground review: Siteground using proof

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Siteround Go geek Review: Pros Of Siteground Hosting

There are a lot of pros of siteground hosting to discuss. And I do discuss the cons also about siteground hosting.

This review is from my experience with their hosting service. Now, I will discuss the important benefits of choosing siteground web hosting.


Speed & the latest Technology

Siteground is famous for its faster loading speed. They are using all the new technologies like NGINX server and SSD storage and geeky super cache technology.

Below you can see the web loading speed of my website. It’s increased after moving my website to siteground.

Siteground speed test (1Sec)

80% of your visitors will go back if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load.

Siteground speed test

Less than 3 seconds to load is a good website speed based on the SEO perspective and the website visitors behavior. I assure that you can get that by choosing Siteground web hosting.

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Tips to increase your website speed:

These are the tips I can give you to increase the website speed.

  1. Once you choose the siteground hosting then use catching plugin either WP3 cache or Siteground’s SG optimizer plugin.

siteground review: super cache technology

This catching plugin helps your website to clean the unwanted catches and cookies.

  1. Siteground is offering Free Cloudflare CDN. So, use Cloudflare CDN to increase your website speed. CDN is a content delivery network. To know more about CDN read this article.
  2. Use WP smush plugin to reduce the image size. Use to compress the image size.
  3. Use lightweight Themes. SO that your website speed will increase in time.
  4. Use the necessary plugins. Avoid using more plugins. It will affect your website speed and ranking on google.

Most of all use siteground hosting with 70% discount from this link. So, that you will get the website speed you’re looking for.

Understand the fact that your website loading speed is the important factor of SEO. Slower loading speed affects your website ranking.

So, choosing the right hosting provider is a must for loading and good SEO of the website.

Siteground can provide this feature and help your SEO by faster loading speed.

Lets I break it down the technology that they are using for the faster loading website and for the good performance.

 NGINX Server

NGINX server technology increases the speed of the static contents like images, texts, and videos on your pages. So, it boosts the speed of this technology.

SSD Drive technology

SIteground is not using old HDD technology. Compare to the traditional HDD drive, the SSD drive store the file faster. So, it increases the speed than 1000x higher than HDD drive by SSD drive.

Geeky super cache technology

Removing the cache file is very important for faster loading website. For this siteground is designed the plugin called SG optimizer.

I am using that plugin to cache my website files. So, it’s helpful to improve the website loading speed. Below you can see the image of the SG optimizer.

Siteground review: sg optimizer

Free Cloudflare CDN

Siteground is offering Free CDN from Cloudflare. You can use cloud flare to improve the website speed.

When coming to date centers, Siteground is offering 4 different option based on your preference. The data centers including the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

2.Faster Response Customer Support

Siteground customer service is excellent and always like their faster response. Customer support is their strength compared to all of its competitors.

Siteground Gogeek review: Ticket 2

You can reach them through emails, phone call, and Live Chat. I use to prefer to live chat and ticket mostly. They are always used to respond to me faster.

This is the reason everyone is like siteground. They have more than 200+ talented customer support agent.

Per day, they are processing 2 thousand plus chat request, a thousand five hundred tickets and 1000+ calls.

This is where siteground is giving more importance and have some well-reputed name as a customer support team.

Everyone is looking for a faster response. So, I am assured that you will definitely get a faster response and you like their support.

Customer support agents are technically and expertise in hosting technology. So, most of the time, they will always help you to solve your problem.

I never faced any issue with siteground regarding downtime. But I used to build some websites by my account and they have helped me configure all the settings.

Most of the time, I contacted them to improve the website loading speed. I have a habit of checking the website speed regularly.

If I am not satisfied with the loading speed then I use to contact them for improving the speed. They configure my .htaccess file to improve the loading speed.

Siteground is the right hosting if you looking for very responsive customer support.

3. Uptime is Higher (Almost 100% (99.99% Exactly)

Siteground is offering good uptime guarantee by using Linux container technology. 99.997% of uptime guarantee is very impressive and it’s a good number.

Most of the time the website will be up and running. You will not face any downtime issue. Even the small downtime also crashes most of the business like Ecommerces.

Below you can see the uptime monitor of my website by the siteground tool.

siteground review: uptime 3

It’s highly recommended for sensitive business and people who want no downtime on their website. Below you can see the uptime of the control panel of siteground.

But I have gone with the strategy to monitor the downtime. I used the uptime robot for my website robot to find out the downtime.

siteground review: uptime 2

The result is really promising and the uptime is good like they promised. Below, the screenshot reveals the uptime monitoring report.

siteground review: uptime 1

So, you don’t need to worry about the downtime of your website. It will be up and running all the time.

Free SSL certificate

siteground review: Free SSL

Sitegropound is offering Free SSL certificate. Companies like Hostgator is charging their customer for the SSL certificate.

Here you can get the Free SSL certificate and you can use Https in your website URL for free of cost. Https is ensured your website visitors that your website is safe to browse.

This is very essential for the business website like E-commerce. Because website like that contains sensitive information like credit card details and customer data.

Siteground is also Offering PCI compliance. PCI compliances are protected the visitor’s data and all the website visitors sensitive information. So, siteground web hosting is highly secured one for your website.

Using a free SSL certificate is helps you for Good SEO as well. You can configure the Free SSL by let’s encrypt technology.   So, it’s easily configurable. You can watch the below video for configuring the SSL.

5.Affordable Prices

siteground review: siteground-Pricing

Siteground plans are start from $3.95 and its affordable hosting by everyone. Siteground is the best hosting with minimum budget.

And it’s pocket-friendly hosting. So, you will get all the best features I have discussed here at a low cost.

At the end of the article, I will discuss all the hosting plans and which one you can choose. Siteground starter plan is the right choice for you if you are starting new as a blogger or for your new website.

6.Free Daily Backup

siteground review: Free back up

Siteground is offering free data backup plan for all of its customers. Companies like Bluehost AND Hostgator is charging their customer for backup.

But becoming a siteground customer you will get the free daily back up which is a good deal for this price range.

Siteground is doing data backup regularly for your website every frequent day. So, no need to panic about losing data.

7.Free Migration

Siteground migration

You can migrate your website free of cost from siteground within 24 hours. In some web hosting, it will be charged or it will take some more time to migrate.

But siteground is doing for free and very less time to move the site. If you want to move your website then just rise a ticket or tell them to move your website data to their server.

8.Easy to use Control panel

Siteground review

Siteground is a control panel is easy to use by everyone who doesn’t even have any technical knowledge. All the solutions are there with 1 click.

And you have many tutorial videos and articles for any installation apps like WordPress and let’s encrypt software.

9.Transparency and Good reputation ( Facebook poll & twitter reaction)

Siteground is very transparent to its customer. Siteground is clearly showing the uptime of the customer website in the C-panel and share their IP address of the data centers. So, that being said Siteground is providing transparent customer experience.

In online it’s very rare to see any complaints about siteground. So, it’s highly reputable and recommended by everyone. Below I have added some of the Facebook poll and twitter reviews.

So, you can see the below proof of what other customers are talking about siteground.

Facebook Group Poll Resultssiteground review:-Hosting-Poll-1

Check the poll here

Siteground review: Shared-Hosting-Poll-2

Check the poll here

Twitter Reaction (Siteground customer review)

10.Good for E-commerce websites

E-commerce applications and websites are difficult to manage. But, In siteground, it’s easy to build an e-commerce website with more than 18 applications that you can install.

You will get PCI compliance which is very important to secure sensitive data like credit card details and customer personal details.
So, its highly secured one for e-commerce websites. So, you can use to build e-commerce websites easily with siteground hosting.

11.Highly Secured add-ons

You will get a lot of security features and tools like IP address blocklists, SpamExperts, SpamAssassin, Leech Protect, and hotlink protection.

And you have another addon feature called hack alert monitoring which is malware protection. It will secure your website from hackers.

This will continuously monitor your website or blog and gives you the report to your personal email. If you are giving very much importance to secure your site then you can choose this add on for $1 a month.

12.One click WordPress Installation

You can install your website with one click WordPress installation. Once you become a customer and start building your website then install WordPress by one click installation option.

It’s easy to do it by anyone who doesn’t have technical skill. You can watch below video for installing WordPress on your website.

13.Data Center Option

Siteground is a global orientation company. And having a good customer base from all over the world. They also four different data center option to choose from.

If your visitors and audience from the US then you can US data center. So, it’s your preference to choose data center.

The 4 data centers including the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

14.30 days money back guarantee

Siteground is offering 30 days money back guarantee.  This is the one area you should look for any hosting provider.

Because you can check the satisfaction of the service provider. If you’re really satisfied with the service then only you have to continue otherwise you can change your hosting provider.

Some of the terms and conditions apply .and if you want to close your account then you can apply from the user are for account termination.

So, you have the option of 30 days forget your money back.

15. Celebrity choice:

Most of the internet entrepreneurs and online experts are recommending siteground to everyone. Because of the siteground best service.

siteground review:

Cons of Siteground Hosting

Siteground is really had less disadvantage compare to other hosting providers. But I do discuss all the cons of the siteground. These are not cons. And these are the small limitation of siteground. Those are,

1.Limited storage space

Siteground plans are offering limited storage space. If your website is handling so much traffic then you have to choose the dedicated hosting or Cloud hosting from siteground.

The storage space for the starter plan is 10GB and grow big plan you will get 20GB of storage space.

Siteground also clearly mentions how much traffic level that plan can accommodate. Gogeek plan is the best option and its semi-dedicated hosting plan.

The introduction of this article I clearly mentions the advantage of the gogeek plan and give the detail Gogeek plan review. In the gogeek plan, you will get 30GB storage space and it good high for the traffic websites.

So this is the disadvantage of siteground hosting plans having limited storage space. Anyway, they are offering all the best feature and benefit for the customer at this cost.

So this is not that much note able disadvantage.

2. Renewable prices are higher

Siteground is offering 70% promo offer for the new customer. So after the first invoice then you have to pay some high renewable prices. But you can save this by choosing a 3-year hosting package.

So that you can utilize the 70% offer for the whole 3 years. But being said later you will not get this 70% discount offer. So, you have to pay the actual price which is higher than the initial price.

This is another con of the siteground. But the technology that they are using is costing higher. So, it’s worth the money spend on quality hosting like siteground.

The only way to save is by choosing the long term hosting plan package of 3 years. This is the final cons of the siteground hosting review.

Siteground Plans: Which plan you can choose?

siteground shared hosting review

siteground review: siteground-Pricing

The term shared hosting explains you are going to share the web hosting space with the other users like.

This shared hosting is an absolute fit for the new website and for beginners.  This hosting plan is affordable for everyone and a good start for every new website.

Siteground shared hosting is offering three variants of plans. you can choose based on your website visitors and the requirement of data storage.

Now, I will break it down the whole shared hosting capacity and the features. So, that it helps you to choose the right plan package for your website or blog.

1. Siteground Startup review

This siteground starter plan is recommended for 10000 visitors per month website. It’s suitable for a newbie blogger or for the new website.

You can host only one website on this plan. In the startup plan, you will get  10GB web space. If you have less traffic and wanted to host one website then this is the right plan to choose.

Below benefits are you will get while choosing the siteground startup plan.

  1. In this plan, you will get a free website builder to create a beautiful website.
  2. You will also get Free Cloudflare CDN in this plan
  3. In this plan, you can get Unlimited Mysql and unlimited emails.
  4. They are offering a Free SSL certificate.

The thing you will not get here is free website migration. Free website migration is only to grow a big plan and go geek plan.

Click here to get the 70% special offer of siteground coupon code on Startup plan

2. Siteground Grow big review

This is the recommended plan for anyone. Because you can able to host multiple websites on one hosting account.

This is suitable for the website having 25000 visitors a month. This plan is suitable for multiple websites with decent traffic.

For this plan, you will get super cache technology and free website migration. You will also get priority technical support.

But in my experience, Siteground is giving equal priority to all the customers regardless of which plan you are using.

You will get 20 GB of web space in this plan and multiple domains can be hosted at one single hosting account.

Some of the extra features and benefits like,

  1. In this plan, they are offering Free website migration from the existing hosting provider.
  2. You will get Priority technical support
  3. You will get Super catcher technology for great speed
  4. You will get a free website builder for building a beautiful website
  5. They are providing a Free SSL certificate for all the customer
  6. You will also get Free Cloudflare CDN.
  7. And they are offering Unlimited Mysql

Click here to get a 70% special offer of siteground coupon code on Grow big plan

3. Siteground Go geek review

I already discussed a lot about siteground go geek plan in this review article. Siteground go geek plan is suitable for the website having one lakhs visitors a month. In this plan also you can able to host multiple websites using one hosting account. This is highly recommended and suitable for high traffic websites. It’s suitable for the larger business scale companies and for pro bloggers having many websites.

Some of the extra Features and benefits of choosing Go geek plan,

  1. You will get Super catcher for great speed on your website.
  2. They are offering Free SSL certificate
  3. PCI compliant servers for protecting the visitor’s private data. It’s good for E-commerce websites.
  4. One click git repo creation.
  5. Fewer accounts on the one server. So, more storage and resources.
  6. More hosting space. Because you will get the semi-dedicated hosting on this plan.

Click here to get the 70% special offer of siteground coupon code on Go geek plan

Siteground cloud hosting review

Siteground cloud hosting is for a website which is having medium traffic. And the main benefit of cloud hosting is it will be run on more than one machine.

If you take shared hosting or dedicated server hosting then it will be run on one machine. But in the cloud server hosting its run on more than one machine.

The main benefit of this is if one fails then another one will compensate. So, no need to panic about traffic spike, it can be managed by the cloud hosting server.

Cloud hosting offers you 2 CPU, 4 B Ram 40 GB SSD space in this package plan. Once your traffic and data are increased then it can be upgraded by the help of siteground.

Increase the CPU is the same as the computer, if you increase the capacity then you will get more speed. Other than all the plan here you will get the VIP customer support.

Some of the great features and benefits from siteground cloud hosting,

  1. Lightweight Linux containers with SSD disk for unmatched resources efficiency for great site speed.
  2. WHM & C-panel preinstalled
  3. Apache/Nginx & centos
  4. Private DNS server setup
  5. Exim mail server
  6. Email spam filtering
  7. Free dedicated Ip

This my siteground cloud hosting review.  Next, I am going to discuss E-commerce review of siteground.

Siteground Ecommerce Review

Siteground e-commerce hosting makes your website load faster.

They have a lot of free software for e-commerce stores that allows you to start and design a well-optimized e-commerce store.

Talking about the features, you will get the below feature from siteground hosting.

PCI compliances for fraud protection and securing payment for customer

Good website loading speed for your store by latest speed technology.

Excellent customer support from siteground

Good reliability and high uptime guarantee.

Good security and malware protection for your online store.

siteground is offering Much free e-commerce store application.

Siteground Dedicated server Review

Siteground dedicated server hosting is the highest resource plan from siteground. You will get maximum storage and resource for your website from this plan.

It starts at $269 per month. In this plan include  4 CPU core, 16GB DDR3 Ram and Intel Xeon E3-1230 SSD storage.

This is a suitable plan for website having so much traffic.

Benefits of the plan,

You will get the dedicated server for your website and more server resource for you.

Super fast loading speed for the website then all another plan.

Super fast VIP customer support from siteground again.

Good reliability and high uptime guarantee.


Comparison with other web hosting service

Siteground vs Bluehost

I will tell the difference between both the hosting provider and the final winner.

Siteground is the winner in:-

  • Free website Migration that is not there in Bluehost
  • Free Data Backup that is not available in Bluehost
  • The winner in speed comparison. Siteground is using many fast features that are the lack of Bluehost.
  • Faster customer and response time than Bluehost.

Bluehost winner in:-

  • More data storage than siteground. Siteground offering limited web space.
  • Free domain with the hosting.

These are the major difference between the two companies. And they are the best one in the comparison. I recommend and using siteground.

Hostgator vs Siteground

Siteground is the winner in:-

  • Free website Migration that is not providing by Hostgator.
  • Free Data Backup that is not available in Hostgator. Hostgator is separately charging for data backup.
  • The winner in speed comparison. Siteground is using many fast features that are the lack of Hostgator.
  • Faster customer and response time than Hostgator.

Hostgator is the winner in:-

Hostgator pricing is less than siteground. But features are missing compared to siteground.

Hostgator is owning more data centers than siteground.

Siteground vs Godaddy

Siteground is the winner in:-

  • Free website Migration that is not providing by Godaddy.
  • Free Data Backup that is not available in Godaddy.
  • A winner in speed comparison. Siteground is using many fast technologies than Godaddy.
  • Very reliable and good uptime up to 99.997%.

Godaddy is the winner in:-

Award-winning technical support. And the faster response in the call.

Free domain name with the hosting plans.

Hosting prices are lesser than siteground.

Siteground vs Inmotion

Siteground is a winner in:-

  • Free website Migration that is not providing by Godaddy.
  • A winner in speed comparison. Siteground is using many fast technologies than Hostgator.
  • Very reliable and good uptime up to 99.997%.

Inmotion is a winner in:-

Multi-language support is providing by in motion.

Many data center options to choose that is missing in siteground.

FAQ’ S on Siteground Hosting plans:

1)What type of payment does siteground accept for hosting plans?

Siteground is generally accepting American express, visa and master debit or credit cards. Siteground is not accepting PayPal payment option.

2)Can I choose a monthly plan?

No, you have billing options like Quarterly, yearly, 24 months and36 months only.

3)Is there any trial period?

You can signup for one month trial period. However, if you no cancel the plan then I will be added to the billing cycle. You will not pay anything extra only the normal charges of hosting plan.

4)Can I get the siteground renewal coupon?

Siteground is not offering any renewal coupon as of now from their end. But you can use this 70% offer for the new plan.

5)Are they offering free domain name also?

No, siteground is not offering any free domain name. But you can use their paid domain registration or cheap domain providers like Namecheap and Godaddy.

6)Will my hosting renewable fees increase after the first invoice?

Yes, the promo offer discount is only applicable to your first invoice. So, always I recommend you choose a 3-year plan to save your money.

7)Which is the best plan for me to choose from siteground?

Above you can see I discussed and reviewed all the hosting plans of siteground. Best on my review and your requirement you can choose the plan you want.

8)What is meant by premium support?

Siteground is offering 7*24*365 days of customer support for its entire customer. You can get the response from a Phone call, Live chat, and Ticket system.

9)What is hack alert monitoring?

Hack alert monitoring is a siteground malware production add-on service. Its monitor your site daily and give you the report. It will protect your website from hackers.

10)Is it free migration is available?

Yes, siteground is offering Free migration. But, you will not get free migration for a startup plan. Except for that plan, you will get free migration for all plans.

For free migration, you can contact the support team and they will do it for you. Manual migration is also easier and you can refer to this article for Manual migration.

11)Which CDN place to choose?

You have to choose CDN based on your target audience. If your target audience is from the US then choose United States as you CDN option. Because based on this your website speed is to your audience.

12) what is the cheapest hosting plan in siteground?

Siteground Startup plan is the cheapest hosting plan in the packages. It starts at 3.95$. This is the pocket-friendly option for beginners.

13)Can I get the money back?

Yes, you can get the money back within 30 days of registration. Siteground is offering 30 days money back guarantee.

14)What is the difference between paid and free SSL certificate?

You can get the free SSL certificate by lets to encrypt technology of Siteground. This free is only for your domain privacy. If you running e-commerce website then you need Paid SSL certificate for Data protection of your whole website.

Siteground Coupon code:

Siteground is offering 70% discount offer that you can avail by clicking the below link.

Click here to get a 70% special offer of siteground coupon code

Tell your experience with siteground in command section:

If your existing customer of siteground then tells your experience by leaving the command below. It will help other Users to take decisions.

Do I recommend Siteground?

Yes, I am recommending siteground. Because I am using their service. And believe they are the best hosting provider.

I am confidently telling this You will definitely like their web hosting service for your website.

Click here to Get a 70% offer on Siteground


This is my unbiased review about siteground by using their hosting service for this website. This siteground review is purely from the statics of my website speed and uptime of my website.

I have written this review from my experience with siteground web hosting.

Siteground Gogeeek review 2019: Read this before choosing siteground
siteground review: In this article, I am going to discuss both the pros and cons of the siteground. It contains all the technical statistics screenshot.
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About the Author: Venkatesh

Author name is Venkatesh. He is an engineer by Education and Blogger by passion. The vision of this blog is to help people to succeed in blogging journey and help them to make money from their blog.

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