Blogging productivity by pomodoro technique

How I increased my blogging productivity to 200% and started writing more quality articles

How I increase my blogging productivity to 200% and started writing more quality articles

Blogging Productivity

Are you having procrastination and ignorance of your blogging work?

If yes, then it’s for you to become more productive in blogging.

As a blogger or online marketer being productive at work is very important. So, consistent is the key to blogging success. If you stop doing it for the long run then you are out of the game and your competitors are waiting for your bread to eat. So, in this article, I will break it down the actual technique that works well for me and the productivity tools you need to use.

“Entrepreneurship is not about how much hours you work:

 It’s about how much you get done”

As the above statement, it’s about how much you have done at that particular time. So, always be productive and follow the below-proven techniques. Before going to the actual techniques that work for me, we will discuss the distraction that you need to cut down.

Cut down these Distractions First

Why cut down the distraction is very important:

Social media Distraction

Take an example that, you want to run to complete your lap in the game. If somebody holding you from back then how you can run. The distraction is that holds you back from achieving your task of writing. If you believe that you can do multitask while writing then it’s absolutely wrong. So always cut the below distraction for getting the maximum productivity as possible.

1.Social media

As an online marketer social media is very important to market your business. But when comes to doing your work then it’s always advisable to stop using social media. It’s killing your productivity. So, Block the sites for sometimes or stops the notification when you are at work.

I am not asking you deactivate your account. I am recommending you to don’t use when you actually doing the work you love to do (Blogging).


The message seems like it will not take much time. Once you send the message then you will wait for the reply or thinking about what will be the reply. It never stops with the one message and it takes a lot of your quality time.

So, don’t send emails and messages before you are going to the work or while doing the work or writing the blog.


The meeting is good for maintaining a relationship and making the deal in the business. But unwanted meeting actually kills your productivity and time. You can plan your meeting in the evening rather than morning.

Plan for Good productivity without canceling the meeting

Set a short time limit like 30 minutes or 1 hour

Limit your meeting time to 30 minutes to 1 hour actually saves you lot of time and be productive at a meeting.

Allocate Time:

Always start your blogging work in the morning and plan the meeting in the evening. So, that you can give more priority to your main goal. You can spend a lot of your time and energy on your business.


Multitasking is ruin you’re productive. You should focus on one course until its get done.

The human brain is designed in that way to concentrate on one single thing at a time. So, if you want to write content then start your promotion work. Stop doing multitasking and concentrate on one course until or unless it’s get competed.

These are the distractions you need to cut down to complete the actual work. So, cut down the above distraction first then implement the productivity technique.

Use the Pomodoro Technique into Blogging:

What is the Pomodoro technique?

Pomodoro technique is invented by Francesco Cirillo in late 1980. It’s a time management technique to complete the tasks with productivity.

The technique I actually learned from famous blogger Harsh Agarwal. It’s a good technique to stay focus on your work.

Let see how it’s work and how you can implement this technique in blogging.

Download Pomodoro app

Pomodoro app is a free tool you can download in your android, IOS phone or you can use the Focusme, chrome extension in your browser. Focusme chrome extension allows you to block the social media sites to stay focus when you are working. I am mostly using the Pomodoro app on the phone and it does notify me, every 25 minutes.


How to implement Pomodoro technique and How it works:

  1. Work 25 minutes on the task

Decide the tasks you want to accomplish and switch on the timer in the app. You should Work next 25 minutes on the task and should not see the timer for when it going to be completed. Once the 25 minutes is complete then stop the work.

  1. Take short break

Once your 25 minutes is complete than 5 minutes short break. You can take 3 to 5 minutes short break as your wish.

  1. Again start work on the task

Continue this 25 minutes and 5 minutes break process until the work gets done. You can take a long break for the big tasks.

  1. Take Long break

Once you have done this process for 4 times then take long break up to 30 minutes.

Actually, the process is an easy and efficient way to be more productive. If you use the phone app it’s easy to monitor the process. Otherwise, you have to note it down in the paper.

Refer this article for Pomodoro technique in detail.

This is the best productive technique you can follow. Usually, its follow for studying and now its using by many legendary online marketers.

Boosting the blogging productivity tips

1. Write Down your task of the day:

Write down the task

Start with the clarity of what you want to achieve on this day. Write down the tasks you want to accomplish. Start with the easy task and finish early then go for next one. Use the Pomodoro technique here for completing each task.

2. Schedule your post:

You have to schedule the next posts you want to write. If you schedule the post at the beginning of the month and the number of a post then it easy to be productive.

3. Write in advance

I started this recently, previously I use to write one post a month for this blog, But after coming up with this techniques and strategy, now I can able to write 4 posts a week. While you are reading this article, I actually finished writing the article for next week to post. So, always pre-plan your blog posts.

Productivity Tools I use

1.Pomodoro App or extension

I am using Pomodoro timer app on my phone for following this technique. There are a lot of free apps and Chrome extensions are available online. So download and use those apps.

This is another app for maintaining your to-do list. You can schedule your tasks on daily, weekly and monthly.

Click here to try the tool


As a blogger, you will get new ideas while taking bath and lying on the bed before sleep. Later, we will forget that amazing idea. So, Evernote is the solution to that problem. You can keep notes on your thoughts and unique ideas.


Trello is the best tool for working on the project with the team. It helps you organize your task and your team member tasks. It’s an amazing tool. So, you can try this tool as well for getting maximum done on your work.

Click here to try trello


These are the techniques are followed by many legendary bloggers and successful online marketers.

People say, Time is money, But you know, in reality, time is more valuable than me. You cannot buy your yesterday. So, be more productive at your business. Understand that you are not the only blogger and you are an entrepreneur.

I shared the techniques that actually help me, be more productive at blogging. Try this technique and follow your own routine for blogging success. All the best to be more productive and share the post to help your friends to be more productive!

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About the Author: Venkatesh

Author name is Venkatesh. He is an engineer by Education and Blogger by passion. The vision of this blog is to help people to succeed in blogging journey and help them to make money from their blog.

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    I really enjoyed reading this awesome guide. I have been using evernote for this purpose and if you stay true to your commitments, it truly works. I like the pomodoro idea, will definitely start using it. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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