Milesweb Review

MilesWeb Review 2019: Is it right Hosting provider (Check the speed and uptime test)

Milesweb Review 2019: Is it Right hosting provider for you?
Milesweb Review: This milesweb review is having the uptime test and speed test screenshot that helps you find the quality of milesweb. Find milesweb review here.
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MilesWeb Review 2019: Is it right Hosting provider (Check the speed and uptime test)

Milesweb Review

MilesWeb review:

This article, I am going to talk about the MilesWeb review. MilesWeb is the cheap and best web hosting provider in the market.

In terms of cost and customer support, it’s really good for everyone.
MilesWeb is based on India and having user servers at India, United States, United Kingdom, and Romania.

MilesWeb offering the variety of services from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting. If you are looking for an affordable hosting provider for your budget then MilesWeb is your first choice.


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How this MilesWeb review is evaluated?

I am not just going to discuss their pros and cons. And also, I am going to test their hosting whether miles web is really a good web hosting provider or not?

This whole article is unbiased. And the things, I am going to test is,
1.Uptime of the MilesWeb – By uptime robot

Milesweb Review: Milesweb uptime
2.Speed test – By Pingdom and Gtmetrix

Milesweb review: Speed test
3.What other customers are experiencing with MilesWeb service

Milewev Review: Customer Review
4.Price Comparison with other hosting providers

Mileweb Review: Customer Review
Okay, let see the pros and cons of the MilesWeb hosting.

Pros of MilesWeb:

MilesWeb is offering a lot of new features at very low cost.

Most of the features are cost you higher in other web hosting provider. So, In MilesWeb, you will get all the benefit at an affordable price.

MilesWeb has successfully established themselves in Indian hosting industry in a short span of time and has become number one choice for people.

1.Lifetime Free Domain name:

Milewev Review: domain name

MilesWeb is offering free domain name with the hosting package. You can register your new domain or you can use your existing domain.

Other hosting providers are charging for the domain registration. But, with MilesWeb, you will get it for free.

2.Speed performance(Speed test Screenshot)

MilesWeb is offering faster loading speed to their customer. But, I tested the hosting speed with Pingdom and gtmetrix tool.

Below you can see the screenshot of website loading speed. Special thanks to Ekta Tripathi for providing the blog URL for testing the speed.

Milesweb review: Speed test

Generally, Less than 3 seconds is a good website loading speed. But the MilesWeb server loading is faster than the requirement.

Milesweb review: Speed test

Because They are using Litespeed web server technology. Lite speed technology is reduced the website load time to half.

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3.Customer Support

MilesWeb is well known for its 24*7*365 support. They have experienced and knowledgeable support team.

They are available in Live chat, email, and phone call. I would say, you will satisfy with their Top notch support.

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4.Latest SSD storage

MilesWeb offers SSD storage which is new technology than HDD storage drive. And also SSD storage drive is faster in data handling tan old HDD drive system.

Still, Big companies like Hostgator and Bluehost is offering HDD drive only. But MilesWeb is not expensive like those companies and offering a variety of features.

5.Free Website Builder

Website builder helps you, build your website easily. You will find a lot of free templates to build your website. It makes your website building process easier.

6.An Affordable price (Comparison of Hostgator India vs Bluehost vs MilesWeb)

MilesWeb offering cheap and best hosting. You will get the premium hosting also at an affordable price.

I have compared the pricing charges of MilesWeb with Bluehost and Hostgator. You can see that MilesWeb is offering more features at a low cost than them. So, MilesWeb is cost-effective hosting provider in the market.

Mileweb Review: Cost comparision

1.MilesWeb vs Hostgator India

MilesWeb is offering the latest SSD storage. But Hostgator is using slower HDD drive. MilesWeb is offering unlimited bandwidth but there is a limited resource.

Free website builder you will get in milesWeb. But Hostgator is charging for website builder. MilesWeb is offering Free daily backup for all of their customers.

But it’s not available in Hostgator. Free cloud flare is available in MilesWeb. But not available in Hostgator.

2.MilesWeb Vs Bluehost India

MilesWeb is offering the latest SSD storage technology. But Bluehost is using slower HDD drive still. MilesWeb is offering unlimited bandwidth but here in Bluehost its limited resource.

Free website builder you will get in MilesWeb. But Bluehost is charging for website builder. MilesWeb is offering Free daily backup for all of their customers. But Bluehost is not offering for free.

Compare to these companies, MilesWeb doesn’t over promote themselves as they offer quality services. Because they are concentrating on quality services than advertising.

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MilesWeb is offering a 99.98% uptime guarantee. So, your website will not get any server problem. It will always be up and running.
But I have checked the uptime of the MilesWeb with uptimerobot, the result is very promising and surprised me.

Below you can see the screenshot of the monitored uptime. MilesWeb has not faced any downtime. The uptime is 100%. So, MilesWeb is really very much reliable hosting provider.

8.30 days money back guarantee

MilesWeb is offering 30 days money back guarantee. In case you don’t like the service within 30 days then you can get the money back at any time.

So, give a try to MilesWeb and surely you will like it. Get the discount offer by clicking the below link.
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9.Variety of Datacenter options

MilesWeb having data centers at India, UK, US, and Romania. You can choose your data center based on your requirement. You can choose this data center based on your targeted audience.

10.Free Website Migration

MilesWeb is offering free website migration. If you’re hosting your website at another hosting provider then MilesWeb team migrate the site for you. Without any additional charges. You can just contact them and ask them for moving your site then that is enough.

11.Server Level catching

MilesWeb is offering all in one site acceleration plugin for catching. It catches your website data and helps your website load faster. Its accelerate you website speed 200% and it will help you achieve faster-loading speed.

12.Easy website Setup

WordPress pre-configuration option helps you build your website faster. Because of this, You don’t need more time and its hustle free way to build your website.

13.Fast provisioning

MileswWeb provides the cloud architecture that helps you launch cloud with few clicks away.

14.One Click WordPress Installation

You can easily install WordPress with one simple click. You can install Joomla, magneto, and Wix any CMS platform with easy one-click installation.


Jetpack is helps designing, marketing and securing your website. Jetpack has the feature of social sharing option, auto update of plugins and securing the website.

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What Other Customers are talking about MilesWeb

MilesWeb is having a good reputation overall online. It’s really rare to see a bad review about them. And I have collected the reviews of the customers.

Mileweb Review: Customer Review

Below you can see what other people are talking about MilesWeb.

Mileweb Review: Customer Review

Cons of MilesWeb:

1. MilesWeb is not offering discount coupons for domain name registrations.
2. And MilesWeb is not providing the Free domain in the economic plan.

MilesWeb plans review: Which plans to Choose

MilesWeb plans are really cheap and best in the market with a lot of features. So, I will help you choose the plan by explaining them each.milesweb review: plans


1.LITE plan

This recommended for hosting one website. If you’re an absolute beginner then choose this plan. You can able to host one website by this plan. You will get data resource of 10 Gb bandwidth, 1 Gb disk space and 1 MySQL database.

2.Deluxe Plan

This recommended for small business owners and Pro bloggers who need more space for hosting multiple websites. You can able to host 3 websites on Deluxe plan.

In this plan, you get data resource of 5 GB Disk space, 50 GB bandwidth and 5 SQL Database.

3.Ultimate Plan

This is the most recommended plan for heavy users and high traffic websites. Here, you can able to host 5 websites.

In this plan, you will get data resource of 10 GB Disk space, 100 GB bandwidth and 10 SQL Database.
So, these are the 3 major plans. You can choose you’re preferred based on your website requirement.

MilesWeb Reseller Review

milesweb reseller review

MilesWeb reseller hosting plan is the leading reseller service in India. You can start your own web hosting company with very less investment.

MilesWeb is offering white labeled services. So that you can use your own brand name.
MilesWeb is offering Free domain reseller account.

You can able to host multiple websites. They are offering all the tools and resources to start and maintain your hosting business.

And they will help you achieve more revenue by guiding you. MilesWeb is offering Free WHMCS and website builder to reseller customers.

If you want to know more about reseller hosting then check this guide.

Here also you have 3 different plans to choose from.
3. Plus
All the plans, you are getting the same features.

But the only the thing changing is the disk space. If you want to scale your business to the next level then choose plus plan with 200 GB disk space and unlimited resources.

Benefits of MilesWeb reseller hosting plan,
1.SSD hosting with fast loading technologies
2.Free WHMCS License for the lifetime. WHMCS is for managing your clients billing address and their issues. This is the software helps you manage all your customer’s data.
3.Unlimited Bandwidth and domain reseller account
4.Powered by Windows, Linux, Cpanel, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Ruby on Rail
5.99.95% uptime guarantee.
6.Security tools like Mod security and malware scan removal.
7.Free SSL certificate for all customers
8.Free domain reseller account.
These are the benefits you will get while choosing the reseller account.

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Final thoughts on Review of MilesWeb:

MilesWeb is a really good web hosting provider and it is really done well in my tests. So, it’s a good web hosting provider for your business.

I recommend you o host your website at MilesWeb. Its really affordable price for your hosting needs.

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Discount percentage= 30% discount offer on all hosting plans


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