Siteground Black Friday

Siteground Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday deals {75% off Here}

Siteground Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday deals {70% off Here}

Siteground Black Friday

Siteground black Friday sale is the one is siteground web host lovers are waiting for the whole year. I am using their service and I like their service very much.  The reason I personally believe that they are number one is that of their 99.996% reliability, Responsive support team, and the security. Get 75% offer by clicking the below button to signup. You will get as low as $2.98 a month which is very less than a normal price.

Siteground Black Friday discount

Siteground cyber Monday and Black Friday deals are best one compare to normal charges. Siteground pricing normally starts from $3.95 dollars. But for siteground Black Friday deals, they are offering for $2.95 dollar of 75% offer on all hosting plans. So, you can save $1 every month. If you are looking for a quality hosting at the affordable price then siteground is the best option to go for this Black Friday.

Like, I earlier told this blog is hosted by Siteground. So, in my experience, they are better than all other companies out there.  You can Click here to signup with 75% offer on siteground Black Friday.

About Siteground

Siteground is officially recommended web hosting company by WordPress and Joomla platform.  It’s a highly reputed company and non-EIG company. They are more famous hosting provider for their faster website loading technology and top notch customer support. Now, siteground has more than one million happy customers with them.

Reason for choosing Siteground Black Friday Deal

1.75% offer than normal price

Siteground is offering 75% massive discount for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  So, this is the time to buy the siteground package as low as $2.95. So, compare to normal siteground price, you will save $1 every month. And this is the highest offer deal from siteground. They too offer siteground labor day sale seasonal sale also every year once. But that discount also lesser than Siteground Black Friday discount.

2.Faster Loading speed

Website loading speed is one of the SEO factors. Website visitor also doesn’t like slow loading speed. Siteground is offering faster loading speed. So, you are website will load faster than your competitor.  Siteground is using New innovative technology to increase your website speed. They are using technology like NGINX Server, Super cache technology and SSD storage technology. These technologies will increase your website speed and it will be faster.

3.99.997% Reliability

Siteground is offering a very good uptime guarantee. 99.997 means there is no small downtime or sever issue. It will be always up and running. My blog is still 100% reliability still by siteground.  This is because of their quality server. So, if you don’t want your website to go down for even a fraction of seconds then choose siteground hosting.

4.Great Customer support

Customer support is the important thing to look on web hosting. When we have a technical problem and have issues than obliviously looking for a faster responsive customer support. Here, siteground is having the best customer support in the world.  Siteground is offering 24*7 customer support. And they are providing Ticket support, siteground chat support and phone call support. It’s always faster in response. So, definitely, you will love their support like me.

5.Good Security and Free SSL

Siteground is offering Free SSL certificate to their customer. Https is important for SEO and also website visitor information is protected. They are using malware detection technology that protects your website from hackers. You can easily install let’s encrypt to get the SSL certificate for your website.

6.SSD Storage Technology

SSD storage technology which I faster and new than HDD storage technology. Web hosting like Bluehost and Hostgator are using Traditional HDD technology. But siteground is providing SSD for all hosting plan. SSD storage is to boost your website performance and speed.

7.Daily Backup

Siteground is offering Free data backup plan for their customer. This is another reason to choose siteground Black Friday deal Again the competitors Bluehost and Hostgator is charge you some extra money for data backup. But siteground is providing Free data Backup. So no need to panic about losing data.

8.Affordable prices:

The affordable price is every newbie blogger is looking for in the beginning. So, siteground is the right option for cheap and best web hosting prices.  Siteground is offering affordable hosting plans for their customer. Now this siteground Black Friday deal, you will get for $2.95.

9.Easy to use C-panel

Siteground is offering 1 click WordPress installation. So, you don’t need to be a techie person to install WordPress. And siteground C-panel also easy to use. If you still have any issue regarding installation and everything then siteground support team will take care of everything.

10.Free CloudFlare

Siteground is partnered with cloud flare and providing Free CDN to their customer.  They are having four data centers across the globe. Data centers include the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Netherland. Based on your location and audience you have to choose the Datacenter.

11.Free Migration

Siteround is offering Free migration to new customer from existing hosting provider. If you want to move your blog from your previous hosting provider then as the customer support to move your website. They will do the job for you. And you don’t need to d anything than sending migration request to customer support. Free migration is only for grow big and go geek plan is available.

Click here to get started with Siteground hosting

Siteground Pricing

Siteground is offering different services like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and Reseller hosting. Here, I am going to discuss which plan is suitable for you.


1.Siteround startup plan

The startup plan is the entry-level plan and lowest pricing plan on siteground. So, this is the siteground starter plan for beginners. This is suitable for Newbie bloggers and small business owners. If you have less traffic and want to host a single website then also you can go with this plan.  In startup pan, you can able to host single website and storage usage is up to 10GBB. This is suitable for 10000 page views a month website.  You will get let’s encrypt Free SSL certificate with his plan.  If your website in the existing provider server then customer support will transfer your website for free (or)  If you are starting your new blog ten also they will help you get started.

 2.Siteground GrowBig

This plan is suitable for multiple websites with decent traffic every month. If you are planning to host multiple websites then go with this plan. This is suitable for 25000 page views a month website. You will get Super cache technology for this plan. So once you install super cache plugin and your website start flying (it will be fast). You will get a Free SSL certificate with this plan. And Free Daily backup also available with this plan. You will get Priority technical support from customer support.

3.Siteground GoGeek

Siteground gogeek plan is suitable for high traffic websites. Its suitable for Pro blogger and Large business scale company having high traffic. You will get Ram memory of 768MB. Here also you will get Free SSL and Free Data backup for your blog. If you are monthly traffic is around 1 lakh then o with this plan. This providing lot of website development features that is helpful for WordPress developers and e-commerce websites

How to activate Siteground Black Friday Deal 

1. Use the Siteground Black Friday special offer Link

Siteground Black Friday discount

Click the above button to signup for siteground to get 70% Black Friday offer. I will guide you, step by step procedure to activate this siteground black Friday deal.

2. Choose the plan

Choose your prefered plan in Siteground


Next step, you have to choose the hosting plan which is suitable for your website requirement. Choose the plan, based on your website visitors and number of the website you want to host.

3.Configure your domain name with siteground

Configure your domain name-Siteground

If you have a registered domain name then configure that with siteground by adding the domain. If you want to purchase a domain name with siteground then go with register new domain name(First option). Otherwise, If you already purchase a domain name from other registrars (I recommend & use Namecheap for a domain name) then go with, I already have a domain name option(Second option).

4.Complete your registration

siteground reggistration process

After configuring your domain name then complete your registration. You have to enter your preferred email ID and password to complete registration. Then choose your data center from the four option. Fill out all the details and complete your payment. After the payment and everything is done then you can use Siteground Cpanel.

FAQ’S About Siteground Black Friday Hosting  Discount

1)What is the siteground black Friday special offer?

Siteground black Friday discount of 70% you will get with the plan. Its very huge deal from siteground. So this day only, you can get this offer later you will not get the same offer again this year.

2)How to utilize the siteground black Friday deal?

Siteground Black Friday discount

Just click the above discount button to get the offer available siteground offer.

3)Is it siteground is offering any free trial?

Yes, you can signup for 1 month free trial period with siteground. However, if you don’t cancel the account then I will be automatically renewed to your billing cycle.

4)Can I choose the siteground monthly plan?

You ave billing options like Quarterly, yearly,2 months and 36 months plan.

5)Is it siteground India Branch is there?

No. Sitground has united state-based company and they don’t have any branch here. However, you can choose CDN option as Asia if you are audiences are from India.

6)What is siteground Premium support?

Siteround is offering top notch customer support service. You can contact them through phone, Liv chat, and email support.

7)Is it siteground Renewal price increase?

Yes, siteground price increase after the first invoice. It’s usual in every hosting company that they will offer promo offer in the beginning. So, its always recommended choosing long tenure like 3 years to save money.

8)Can I get siteground renewal coupon?

There is no renewal coupon is available. But using tSiteground black Friday sale, you can able to save more than 70% offer on all hosting.

9)Can I get my money back if I don’t like the service?

Yes, you have an option of 30-day money back guarantee. I am 100% sure that you will like siteground series like me.

Final thoughts on Siteground Black Friday offer

Siteground black Friday discount is the best time to buy the siteground hosting service.  Like earlier I told, I use siteground is I am using for my websites. So, I can confidently say, they are the best hosting provider in the world. Use this siteground black Friday deal and save 70% of your money. Click the below button to get siteground for $2.95. Command below if you have any doubts and I will answer as soon as possible.

Siteground Black Friday discount

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