How to Become an SEO expert

How to become an SEO Expert (10 step Blueprint for success)

How to become an SEO Expert (10 step Blueprint for success)

Becoming an seo expert

Do you want to become an SEO expert then you are in the right place. Here I will discuss what it really takes to become an SEO expert.

Read this article until the end to understand how to become an SEO expert. I will discuss the benefit of becoming an SEO expert and step by step process to becoming an SEO expert in this article below.

The benefit of Becoming an SEO expert

1.Increase website traffic

The main purpose of doing SEO for the website is increasing the website traffic and revenue. Increasing the ranking for the business will bring revenue.
So, becoming an SEO expert will help you improve your online business profit.

2.No need to Hire an agency

If you know to do SEO for yourself to your business then no need of hiring an SEO agency. Becoming an SEO expert avoid looking for SEO agencies outside.

3.Reducing Costs

You don’t need to spend money on paid ads and your SEO expert will help bring traffic to your website. And also you’re saving the money of hiring agency.

4.SEO is necessary for Online success

For all the business is need SEO whether offline or online, it’s essential for business success. So, it helps you make your brand visibility.

5. Hiring a skilled person for SEO Projects

You have to identify the right talent then you need to have to know more about SEO. So, becoming an SEO expert will benefit you in this way.

6.Taking Client and Becoming an SEO consultant

Taking Clients (Seo consultant)

Once you have the SEO expertise then you can provide SEO services to clients. But this is not the article is going to talk about How to become an SEO consultant.

Becoming a consultant is moreover closing the deal with the prospects and sales skills also involved. But having the skill set can help you serve clients and help their business.

10 Step by step process to Becoming an SEO expert

Become SEO expert

1.Passion to learn and implement

Becoming an SEO expert benefit

Passion for learning which is the fuel of the engine. If you Don’t have passion then you will become bored off after a certain period of time. So, this is the first step in the process to become an SEO expert.
You are going to give whatever it takes to become an SEO expert. So, that kind of attitude will come once you have passion within you for SEO.

2.Taking inspiration from Legendary SEO experts

You can take inspiration from the people who have already done well in the SEO field. Not just inspire and learn that is not enough.

You have to analyze how they are doing it. here is a famous saying, You will become successful when your role model become your competitor. So, try to analyze their work and learn from it.

I already discussed the top 10 SEO expert in the world, you can check it out that article here. But some of my favorite SEO’s are:-

1.Neil Patel

Neil Patel- Become SEO expert

Neil Patel is one of the well known digital marketers in the world. Neil Patel is one of the best SEO experts in the industry. You can follow his blog ( and youtube channel to learn from his work.

2.Brian Dean

Brian dean (Becoming SEO expert)

Brian Dean is one of the leading SEO experts in the SEO industry. His blog backlinko are the famous SEO blogs on the internet. You can learn all the link building strategies from dean brian.

3.Rank Fishkin

Becoming an SEO expert Rand-Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz SEO tool. You can follow is youtube videos and blog content to learn and take inspiration from him.

3.Understanding the Search engine and how it works

The very basic thing is to understand how the search engine works. So, you need to understand the basics of search engine algorithm works.

4.Understanding the Search engine marketing

You have to know how people are advertising their brands using SEO. Because the purpose is to leverage the search engine to increase the visibility of the business and increase the revenue.

5.Choosing an SEO training course

SEO Training course

Next step is to learn the SEO for that you have to choose training courses. But this is not so necessary if you have to learn on your own.

Because I have learned by experimenting with things and fight for the higher competitive keywords. Once, you have passion then without any training course, you will learn search engine optimization. Below you can learn the below domains of SEO,


Google Analytics

Analyzing the data’s like users location, the behavior of visitors and many more. It helps to analyze the search engine performance.

This is to analyze the key performance indicator of the website. This analyze is involves Google analytics and Google search console data’s.

You have to good at handling Google analytics and Google search console.

2.Keyword research

This is on page SEO technique. This is the planning stage of any SEO campaign. So, you have to plan it well this one. So, proper keyword research is very important for SEO success.

3. Competitor analysis

You have to good at competitor analysis and stealing competitor ranking keywords to succeed as SEO. So, this is another area have to learn to become an SEO expert.

4.Developing Content strategy

Content marketing plays a crucial role in SEO success. So, you have to learn about scheduling the content.

It’s not always focusing only on ranking keywords, sometimes have to write valuable contents without targeting keywords.

6.Following SEO blogs and news

There are many case study blogs and SEO news sharing blogs are out there. So, to become an SEO expert need to update themselves about the trend. So, following SEO blogs helps to become an SEO expert.

Below are the SEO blogs you can follow to update yourself about SEO:

1. Search engine journal(SEJ)

Search engine journal is the SEO news blog that helps you updates about SEO It mostly focuses on all the areas of SEO. And it will update with new SEO news every day.

2.Search engine Land

This is another SEO news blog list like Search engine journal. You can see all the latest SEO news and techniques in this blog.
So, these blogs help you updated with the latest SEO trends.


SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools out there in the market. And also it’s providing free blogs related to SEO and internet marketing. So, this blog also helps you update with the latest trends and news about SEO.

Try Semrush 7 day Free trial (Worth 50$)

7.Leveraging SEO tools

SEO Tools for become an SEO expert

There are many SEO tools are out there in the market and it’s overwhelming. But you don’t need all the tools to succeed in the SEO field.

Choose the tools that you feel comfortable and help you achieve the results. So, SEO expert should have knowledge about SEO and using that to drive traffic.

8.Practicing hard:

Theoretical would not help you become Expert. You can read blogs, watch videos and pursue courses. But the end of the day is all about practicing things and Experimenting. So, experiment and learn things with the testing website.

9. Share your expertise

It’s not about keeping your Expertise with you. You have to share your knowledge through blogs or videos.

This process builds authority to you and your audience recognize you as an expert. This is the ways you can end up to become an SEO expert.

10.Taking clients or Improving your own business

You can help clients with your SEO experience. There are many business owners looking for qualified SEO professionals to help their business. This is the way you can serve clients or you can improve your own online businesses.

Watch this below video of Neil Patel’s tips for Becoming an SEO expert,


Above are the ways you can become an SEO expert. All the step by step process helps you become an SEO expert. I hope this article shows the process of how to become an SEO expert.

In the next article, I will discuss how to become an SEO consultant. If you still have any doubts then ask me in the command and share this article with your blogger friends or digital marketing friends!

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