10 Top SEO Experts

10 Top SEO experts worth Following on Twitter & their Blogs

10 Top SEO experts worth Following on Twitter & their Blogs

There are many SEO experts are out there. But you should follow the best to learn from them and to become an Expert.

These are the 10 Top SEO experts are playing with the algorithm and come up with the new case studies every time. Below are my Top 10 best Seo experts lists:-

1.Neil Patel (SEO Expert & Digital Marketer)

SEO expert - Neil Patel

  • Neil Patel is one of the top SEO experts in the SEO industry.
  • He is the best SEO expert among all. He is running a digital marketing agency and the best SEO blog called Neil Patel.
  • Definitely, you should follow his work to become an SEO expert. He is raking for the most complicated keywords like SEO, online marketing and digital marketing on the internet.

So, his expertise only deserves him on the top of the list. You can follow his blog and videos to improve your SEO skill.
Blog Name: Neil Patel
Domain Authority ): 77
Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 17 lakh
Average posts per month: 4

Follow Neil on Twitter

2.Brian Dean

Brian dean

Brian Dean is another SEO expert, you must follow to be updated in SEO.

Backlinko is one of the best websites that all the SEO professionals are following on the internet.

He used to write very limited articles. But that is a very quality one. He prefers quality over quantity.

His most of the posts are a practical case study which is based on the live examples and experiments. His most of the blog posts are an in-depth and very long article on the particular subject.

His skyscraper technique is a more famous one across all SEO all SEO professionals. So, Brian Dean is an important SEO expert to follow on the internet.

Blog Name: Backlinko
Domain Authority ): 67
Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 4 lakh
Average posts per month: no frequency

Follow Dean on Twitter

3.Rand Fishkin

SEO expert Rand-Fishkin

Blog Name: Moz

 Domain Authority: 90

 Estimated monthly organic search traffic:  10 Lakh
Average posts per month: 16

Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz. His youtube videos and blog contents about SEO need to watch out one.

Moz is the most popular and oldest SEO tool in the SEO industry. And it’s well-known SEO blog.

Domain authority is founded by MOZ.

Follow Rand on Twitter

4.Daryl Rosser

Daryl Rosser- SEO expert

Blog Name: Lion zeal

Domain Authority: 29

 Estimated monthly organic search traffic:  50000
Average posts per month: 3

He is a new SEO expert on the list. But he is very specific into PBN Seo.

If you want to learn black hat SEO then definitely his website is the number one place to learn Black hat SEO and PBN networks.

Follow Daryl on Twitter


  1. Nathan Gotch

Nathan Gotch- SEO expert

Blog Name: Gotch SEO

 Domain Authority ): 44

 Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 70000
Average posts per month: 1

Nathan Gotch founded Gotch SEO in 2013. He is used to writing a long article on SEO Topic.

He used to write one article a month but its in-depth article. He is another SEO expert to watch out for.

He deserves to be in the top SEO expert lists.

Follow Nathan on Twitter

  1. Harsh Agarwal

Harsh agarwal- SEO expert

Blog Name: Shoutmeloud

 Domain Authority: 69

 Estimated monthly organic search traffic:  More than 10 Lakh
Average posts per month: 15

Harsh Agarwal is another SEO blogger and expert to follow on the internet. Shoutmeloud is mainly focused on blogging and SEO. Most of the SEO articles are unique and not talked much by everyone.

His all the article from his experience helps everyone to become an SEO expert. So, definitely Harsh is the must follow one on the list.

Follow on Harsh on Twitter

7.Danny Sulivan

Danny-sullivan- SEO expert

Blog Name: Search engine Land

 Domain Authority ): 90

 Estimated monthly organic search traffic:  15Lakh
Average posts per month: 20

Danny Sulivan is the founder of Search engine Land and Marketing Land. SEL is the SEO news blog like Search engine journal. You can see all the latest SEO news and techniques in this blog.

He is one of the best SEO experts to learn SEO.

Follow Danny on Twitter

8.Matt Cuts

Matt Cuts- SEO expert

Matt cuts worked as the head of Google’s webspam team for many years. Now, He is the chief editor in Search engine Land.

You can follow his videos on talking about the spam score and keyword density in a detailed manner. He is one more SEO expert, you need to follow to stay updated.

Blog Name: https://www.mattcutts.com

 Domain Authority ): 73

 Estimated monthly organic search traffic:  50000
Average posts per month: No frequency

Follow Matt on Twitter

 9.Larry Kim

Larry Kim- SEO expert

Larry Kim is the founder and CEO of WordStream and MobileMonkey. His lot of SEO experiments and case studies are helpful resources for learning SEO. He is one more SEO expert to learn from.

Blog Name: https://mobilemonkey.com/ and wordstream

 Domain Authority ): 73

 Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 50000
Average posts per month: 4

Follow Larry on Twitter

10.Ruan M.Marinho

Ruan M.Marinho- SEO expert

Ruan M.Marinho is emerging SEO expert in the list and definitely need to look out for SEO techniques and Tactics. His youtube channel videos are my favorite.

The unique thing about him with other experts is, He shows practically how he did and achieved the SEO results. He is definitely another SEO expert to learn from.

Blog Name: Develomark

 Domain Authority ): 38

 Estimated monthly organic search traffic: 50000
Average posts per month: more than 4

Follow Ruan M.Marinho on Twitter

Final Thoughts on Best SEO Expert

These are my Top 10 SEO experts list. These experts are you need to look out and learn from their expertise. If you have any other people to add then command down below.

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