UX Mistakes that kill a website

10 UX mistakes to avoid that killing your website conversions

10 UX mistakes to avoid that killing your website conversation

UX Mistakes that kill a website

There are sites that work day in and day out to attract users however despite all the efforts their strategy does not work out. It is important to find an important reason for setting up a visitor interaction.

For instance, eCommerce portal such as Etsy.com has optimized navigation, purchase and recommendation process for optimizing customer’s life. Follow the following UX mistakes highlighted by software house experts to optimize your site:

1. Call to Actions (CTAs) that Don’t Work

Have you ever tried clicking on a button that leads to nothing in return? This is one of the most common mistakes done by web designers and developers.

However, this can be easily resolved. CTAs are an important part of a digital strategy but it is effective only when everything is set up properly.

Users want prompt actions to take place which is the reason why CTAs are important for converting customers.

2. Forget About The First Impression

The first impression is the last impression is what everyone’s has heard. Imagine you are organizing a party for some clients and you invite them to a restaurant for some dinner.

Whether they are your first or existing customer, you want to make a good impression, right? Same is the case with a website. You just have a few seconds for convincing visitors to get to visit a company, service or a product.

3.Static Web Pages that won’t Move

Mobile-Responsive- UX mistakes to avoid

Unresponsive web pages come under one of the most crippling UX mistakes. Many users prefer mobile gadgets over conventional laptops.

A site that is unable to adjust to the changing mobile device would only frustrate users and will perform poorly in the search engine results.

You can check such statistics from Google Analytics, so make sure you turn your site’s design into a responsive one by checking through the Google mobile Friendly Test to increase user response.

4.Forgetting About the Breadcrumbs

Mobile apps and websites need to be as simple as possible. Breadcrumbs are also a part of one such simple solution. Do not forget to use breadcrumbs in user navigation.

When it comes to using them, you can follow various eCommerce sites such as eBay and Walmart etc. It shares where you currently are on a site.

Customers can then switch from higher to lower categories. Something like Department > Sub Department > Item Category is one of the sample Breadcrumbs that you can take inspiration from.

5. Complicated Web Copy

A clear and easy to understand copy is one of the main components of great user experience. Complicated paragraphs of text only confuse customers from achieving their task.

Today, you need to grab user attention in the first 10 seconds and therefore, it becomes vital to write a great copy.

Break text into subheadings, testimonials, and relevant images. You can also make the writer work with the design and development team to get everyone on the same page.

6. Filling a Long Form

form- Ux mistake

The form has a lot of importance when it comes to web usability.

According to best practices, your form needs to have six components such as input fields, help, messages, actions, and validation. A lengthy irrelevant form does not achieve any goal.
Ask for relevant important information.

You can also A/B test your site’s form to check its effectiveness. Change one main field to see the difference between Variant A and Variant B to see what gets the most conversions.

7. Push Marketing Does not Help Much

Less is more when it comes to user experience design. Internet users know what they are being sold to, which is why the site does not need to bombard users with pushy pop-ups.

Make sure there is an exit button to let users make their own choice. Make sure these pop-ups do not work negatively towards user experience.

8. Invest in Web Optimisation

Digitalmarketing- UX mistake

UX mistakes are mostly simple and common. Fixing web design issues are not a priority of an SME, but these changes make a huge difference to a business’s bottom line.

By investing in digital marketing and web optimization, SMEs can experience yearly growth.

9. Do Not Make Customers Think About What to Do Next

If the users are confused about where t go next, then it means your site does not do a good UX job. Remember that a good site is easily navigable.

Decide the important elements on your site and distinguish them with contrast, color and size of a page. In case of too many options, the users will get confused and may leave your site abruptly.

10. Not Doing Proper Testing

Test everything properly on your site. Assume that you do not know much about your clients.

You have to continuously monitor them and for that reason, you need to run an A/B test on each site’s element. This will help in the identification of the elements that need changing.

Determine which elements to test and check for your clients. Make sure to test frequently for one subpage or form.

Most important pages usually include a product page for an eCommerce site, order fulfillment form and message appearance through different channels.

Make sure to make A/B tests a permanent part of a marketing schedule.


These are the common 10 UX mistakes that people commit commonly. So, I hope this post helps you to avoid that mistakes and create Good UX based designed website.

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