web development tutorial for beginnners

Web Development Tutorial for Beginners

Web Development Tutorial for Beginners

Website development beginnners tutorial

Web development is a skill that is always in demand. Web developers are one of the highest paid professionals around the world and their value never decreases.

Though the technologies in which a web is developed changes from time to time, the profession itself is always in demand.

If you want to brush up your web development skills, here are some web development tutorials shared by CyberVision web development is lined up for your learning:

  1. Complete Web Development tutorial Course 2.0

webdesign tutorial for beginners

You can learn web development by building 25 mobile apps and websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, MySQL and more in this course.

The course focus on fundamentals to help you build your concepts and lets you work efficiently and quickly with web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and Python.

Once, you have mastered the basics, you can work on advanced technologies such as PHP 7,  Twitter Bootstrap and MySQL 5.

This will help you to develop blogs and eCommerce sites with WordPress to add dynamic content with the help of APIs connecting sites such as Facebook and Google Maps.

  1. Web Development Bootcamp

web development program

Web development boot camp is another course for learning web development. This course is about learning HTML, CSS, JS, and Node etc.

There are various developer training courses, but this one is the most comprehensive one available in the market.

It covers everything trendy and relevant in the developer industry instead of outdated technologies and methods. It also features a full course on NodeJS and gives students a chance to build a project named YelpCamp.

There are no other courses which focus on such applications. The course is consistently updated.

  1. Becoming a Web Developer from Scratch

This course focuses on becoming a top skilled web developer even for students who do not have any type of programming background.

The languages used in this course contain Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap. It also features backend development languages such as PHP, MySQL (MySQL).

The course focuses on ways internet works and after completing this course, you will have plenty of information to build your own apps and websites using the latest web technologies.

There is also a free lecture on getting a free hosting account for uploading projects and showcasing them to friends and clients. There is an entire section dedicated on starting a professional career either an employee or a full-time freelancer from top experts.


There are other sites such as Lynda.com, Udemy.com from and Treehouse.com where you can select web development courses according to your skill, beginner, medium and advanced. While some have a monthly subscription, others charge per course and give access for a lifetime after that.

What to Do After You Have Learned a Course?

After you are done with the courses shared above or some other course for learning web development, do not wait for clients or jobs to come to you.

Start practicing what you have learned and build a portfolio. It may be tough in the beginning, especially if you are working in another field for a full time, but you need to start somewhere.

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Set a routine and be consistent. Code for an hour if not more per day and this way you will be able to spend 7 hours a week. Make coding a part of your daily routine and keep going.

Learning to Code is Similar to Truck Pull Event

Many people say that learning to code is similar to a truck pull event. It is hard at the beginning but you just need to take baby steps.

However, once the truck starts rolling, it becomes easier. There are a number of free courses available on Udemy and YouTube.

However, as a tip, do not get stuck into purchasing courses at an early stage. You do not need to spend a lot of money when you are not sure about what to learn anyway.

Communities such as Freecodecamp have a lot of information available for free. If you apply all the skills correctly, you will not have to spend any money.

The best thing about the web development community is that it does not discriminate between fresh and experienced professionals and there are also no entry barriers. Many experienced members are also available to help and advise.

Do not Wait to become an Expert to get the Ball Rolling

You do not have to become a complete expert on let’s say HTML, CSS and other languages to start building sites.

You can start building a portfolio and continue learning instead of getting stuck in a coding tutorial run. This will ensure better skill development and learning on your behalf.

Choose the platform that suits your timings and budget to begin your journey of becoming a web developing rockstar Today!

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